Christchurch – The green city

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Christchurch – the largest city in the South Island, New Zealand was the first destination in our journey to explore this tiny island nation. As the name of “Green City” or “City of Gardens” , Christchurch appeared peacefully with lots of green spaces thanks to its large parks, famous botanical gardens and tree-lined streets.

We had two really relaxing days in a lush green atmosphere, wandering in the vast Hagley park under the giant old trees, marveling at the beauty of the flowers in the Christchurch Botanical Garden. It was interesting since the first time ever in my life I had seen such many kinds of roses in different colors and all were fragrant. 



  • Day 1 & 2: Christchurch city

  • Day 3: Castle Hill, Arthur’s Pass (149km)
  • Day 4: Greymouth and Punakaiki (140km)
  • Day 5: Franz Josef glacier (217km)
  • Day 6: Wanaka (286km)
  • Day 7: Te Anau (240km)
  • Day 8: Milford Sound (118km)
  • Day 9: Queentowns (288km)
  • Day 10: Arrow town (20km) and neighborhood wineries
  • Day 11: Glenorchy (46km)
  • Day 12-13: Mount Cook (287km) and Tasman Glacier
  • Day 14: Christchurch (307 km)

(* Distance is measured by google map)

Hagley Park located in the center of Christchurch is known as the city’s lung. With an area of ​​more than 160 hectares, the park is where major outdoor events of the city are organized, also where local people go camping and relaxing.

Hagley park in Christchurch, New Zealand

We were impressed by a grand old tree in Hagley park as its foliage looked like a huge fan. Perhaps, it has been there for centuries.

A grand old tree in Hagley park, Christchurch, New Zealand

There is a small river running through the park, where visitors can get a scenic boat tour. It was so peaceful to see local people sitting leisurely and reading their book in this lush outdoor space.

Crossing the bridges in Hagley Park, we arrived at Christchurch Botanic Garden, a must-see place in this city. Well-known as home to a wide variety of flowers and plants around the world, the garden really surprised us with its vastness and its diverse ecosystems. The walls of green leaves, the old bridges crossing the river with wild flowers blooming along the shore, all brought out the quaintness and tranquility for this garden.

Gate to the rose garden of Christchurch Botanical Garden, New Zealand

In Christchurch Botanical Garden, there are many other flowers that I saw for the first time. All had been well cared and were blooming.

Another unique feature of the garden was the flower nursery in the glasshouse, with the flowers were even larger than the human face.

Traveled in February 2016

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