Tiếng Việt

Having been a workaholic, I had to arrange most of my vacations to fit with my work schedule and within the limit of my annual leave. In the beginning, I used to leverage my free time on business trips (or extend it) to explore and visit the places i had come. However, I soon realized that those trips left no impression in me. When my mind was spinning with work, I was not in the mood of enjoying beautiful scenery or exploring interesting things. Those were “ticking the box” trips, or in other word “be there, done that”.

2009 was a big milestone in my travel life as the first time ever I enjoyed my truly 3 weeks vacation. It was a trip to Europe visiting France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and Netherlands. Since then, every year I have been trying to make my “Love2go” trips, at least 2 weeks away from work to explore the big world.

Switzerland, Grindelwald village, 2009

The more I travel, the more interesting things I learn and the more precious experiences I gain. Not only visiting the places, but also challenging myself in adventurous journeys or trying to be as local people to understand more about their culture and their life.

Exploring the world of wildlife in South Africa, riding on horseback in the massive steppe of Mongolia, discovering the mystical beauty of world’s largest cave in Son Doong, Vietnam, challenging my driving skill in a road trip through England, Scotland and New Zealand, experiencing “the greatest party on the planet” in Rio Carnival in Brazil or being amazed by the northern Aurora in Sweden have been the most wonderful and unforgettable experiences in my travel life.

Although it seems quite late to join the diversified world of travel blogs, I just Love2do it. “You will never know unless you try!”.


Road trip in the south island of New Zealand, 2016