Tiếng Việt

When I was young, I was a shy and timid girl who was diffident and unassertive. I didn’t dare to do what I liked because I was afraid that either I couldn’t do it or I was judged by others. Since I started working in big international corporations, countless training courses on soft skills, healthy & professional working environment with great people around the world have gradually changed me to a better ME. It helped me to build my self confidence, to form my point of view, to know what I like and how to pursue them.

“When was the last time you did something for the first time?”

At the age of middle life (40+), you will not easily learn something new if you do not really enjoy it. I’m no longer interested in learning new work-related skills, but instead eagerly attempt to interesting different things that makes my life more colorful and enjoyable.

in 2016, I registered to a trip to explore Mongolia in 8 days on horseback when knowing nothing about horses and horse riding. So I then spent 6 months prior the trip to learn horse riding. As the result, my trip to Mongolia turned out as one of my best experiences.

I started learning piano 3 years ago. Non flexible fingers took me longer time to practice. When I completed the entire song of Fure Elise for the first time, though it didn’t sound melodious, I felt so happy as if I had achieved something extraordinarily.


I love beaches and anything related to the sea. However, until 2017, I managed to learn diving and got PADI open water diving license, which allows me to dive up to 18 m. And in in Apr of 2018, first time ever I tried surfing.

Painting is one thing that I have never thought about because I was terrible at it when i was young, and I didn’t like it much. Yet,  I started learning it in 2018. Then, after 2 months of studying portrait painting, I was surprised that I was able to draw too. My paintings have received many compliments from family and friends for describing well their appearance and soul. It has been a great encouragement for me to continue exploring my potentials.

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For my birthday in 2020, I was given a Kalimba. So I excitingly play with it, carry it with me wherever I travel as a hobby in my spare time, as well as a new way to approach music.

Creating this blog is also one of my “Love2do” things even though I had no idea where to start. When getting deeper into it, it was not hard as I had thought. I have been spending decent time every day to write content for my blog.

My motto is YOLO “you only live once”, never too late to do what you like. And when there is a will, there’s a way.

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