About me

Tiếng Việt

Hello there!

I am glad that you would like to know more about me. Here is my brief life story:


I am coming from a very simple Vietnamese family and I am in the middle with 1 elder sister and 1 younger brother. My dad is from the central, my mom is from the North, however, i was born in Ho Chi Minh City, which is in the South of Vietnam.


My parents moved from the North to Saigon (former name of Ho Chi Minh city) when the country was liberated in 1975. Life was not very easy although both of them worked for the government. We were kind of living day by day. Besides being a full time nurse, my mom tried so many different part-time jobs, from selling ice-cream in front of primary schools to sewing textile materials at home at night. My dad worked as a geographical engineer while completing his master.

Things were getting better when i was in high school as my father got a better job, while my mother quit her job to open a small coffee shop. Whenever we had free time from school, my siblings and me worked in the store as waiter or cleaner to help my mom . We were barely afford to traveled any where, so we just had a few domestic trips sponsored by my father’s company.


After graduating with honors, I got into corporate world and so far have 20 years experience working in variety of jobs, such as sales, training, market research, marketing, strategic planning, ect…  in a few big international companies (LG, TNS, Coca-Cola). I actually like big corporations as they care and invest in their people and give me opportunities to travel. My first abroad trip was Korea in 2000 as a training course when I worked in LG.

The more i travel, the more i realize that the world is so big and life is not just about work. Annual leave becomes too short and not enough time for me to travel as much as I would like.

Therefore, I decided to take a break since Feb 2018, leaving a stable career as a strategic planning manager to LIVE SLOWER, spend more time with my parents and beloved family, as well as spend more time to think and explore myself, to do things that I have never done before. It is an surprisingly interesting period of my life, seems like I refresh myself day by day.

Currently, I have just returned to work, trying a new, independent and more challenging role, which also allows me the flexibility to arrange my time. I still don’t know if I will succeed or fail, but I have the motivations to move forward every day.

Read more about my Love2go trips and my Love2do things in attached links


  • Number of countries I’ve been: 41
  • Favorite destinations: Brazil, Japan, Norway, Bolivia, Vietnam
  • Top ten destinations I want to visit (in that order): Iceland, Croatia, Israel, Canada, Morocco, Mexico, Cuba, Tibet, Argentina, Bhutan