Painting – a new journey has started

Tiếng Việt

Since I was a kid, I was not very good at all kinds of arts, which required my creativity. On the other hand, things have formula attracted me, like mathematics or physics. I was excellent in number since then. That’s probably why most of my jobs have been somewhat related to formula & numbers. And that’s so BORING!

Three years ago, I started learning piano, try to move one step into the art territory – MUSIC. Until now, my playing skill is still very mechanical, just like I have managed to click the right notes, but not really bring out the melody.

And today, Jul 18, 2018, I made another attempt to a different art area – PAINTING. Let see how far I can go.

After the first 2 hours, here is my result. The way of drawing by the grid is quite helpful and interesting. It likes you break the painting into cells and just focus to complete whatever in that cell. I managed to draw as close as the given samples.

A month has gone by, I have tried different type of drawing from Chibi cartoon, to flowers and portrait. My skill has improved significantly since I now can manage my pencil comfortably, how to draw light or dark.


Using soft pastel for portrait painting is another technique that I have just learn recently. It is quite difficult and time consuming, but it creates a real look for the skin and face.

After 2 months, I managed to draw the portrait of friends and family. Although it is still not perfectly alike, I somewhat capture their charisma.

My Mom & Dad
My best friend
A lovely sister

I still diligently paint my loved ones as gifts for them, even though I no longer study drawing. Perhaps my skills also gradually improved when I received compliments from them.

My beloved sister
My best friend
My colleague in Coke Company
Another close friend
Another close friend

The moment of giving my beloved ones their painting, watching them tearing up the gift wrapping paper, then they are surprised when it doesn’t look alike or they are cheerful when it meets their expectation is always the moment I look forward the most. In every single time, I’m as anxious waiting for the reaction of the recipients as they are waiting to see themselves in my “mirror”.


Recently I like to paint flowers as a way to capture the beauty of nature. I often pick a photograph of flowers on the internet, then draw them adding my little creativity. There are only a few pieces, but my ambition is to create a small collection of flowers that I love.

Poppy garden

to be continued…!

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