The first time biking through a jungle

Tiếng Việt

Nothing is too difficult …. Just afraid that you don’t dare to start.

It was the first time I did a biking trip. Despite never cycling more than 10km, I got excited to register 24km route. It was not even a flat road but cycling through a jungle.

I had a day challenging myself by biking on different terrains, from red soil road to steep hill passage with big rocks, then creepy jungle trails and multiple strongly flowing streams. It was an experience with mud and dust, arms and leg scratching, body tiredness, but it was really worthy – INTERESTING and WONDERFUL !!!

Departing in the center of Hochiminh City at 6am, we were transferred by bus to Dong Nai province, about 45 min away.

Out colorful team were waiting for the bus

When arriving, we did some warm-up exercises, received our bike and helmet, got familiar with the bike, then started our journey to the jungle.

A dusty red soil road led us go deeper to a protected forest, located in Vinh Cuu town, Dong Nai province. The weather was pretty hot and there was not many shades along the way, making us dehydrated and tired.

A red soil road in Vinh Cuu town, Dong Nai, Vietnam

Biking for around 1 and a half hour, we started getting into narrow jungle trails with full of trees in both sides, sometimes it was just enough for 1 person to pass. Cycling in the jungle was really impressive where on one hand, we extremely focused to manage our wheel since the trail was muddy and slippery, but on the other hand, we enjoyed the cooling atmosphere and fresh smell of the trees spreading out everywhere.

Đời sống thực vật trong rừng cũng rất phong phú với nhiều loại nấm lạ và cả một thảm cỏ xanh rờn. Chúng tôi nhìn thấy một vài chú chim nhỏ xinh xắn và rất nhiều bướm.

Sometime, we had to cross streams with big slippery rocks.


Sometime, the water level was so high that we lifted our bike to cross it.

Jungle 6

After 2 hours cycling in the jungle, my arms was tensed as I tightly controlled the wheel to pass difficult trail. Everyone got exhausted hence the whole team stopped for a short break. Dropping the bike and sitting on the ground, we enjoyed our snack while listening to the sounds of the jungle.

We reached the finished spot around 2:30 pm, a late simple picnic lunch with grilled meats and rice were prepared for us. Hungry and exhausted, but we all felt satisfied with the new experience on that day.


Glamorous sunset by the side of Tri An Lake on the way back was a perfect ending of my trip.

Traveled in Sep, 2015

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